Christian Modesty

by: Jerry W Beaver & Heidi A Beaver
  • Publisher: Baptist Growth
  • Date: 03/31/10
  • ISBN-10: 0982703805
  • ISBN-13: 9780982703809
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages: 106

Book Overview

Jerry Beaver and his wife Heidi offer scriptural guidance from a balanced perspective. Today, with sensuality permeating our culture in a rapid advance, there has never been a greater time or need for this book. Christian Modesty will challenge those who seek God’s will for their whole life; and it may frustrate those with predetermined mindsets not based on the Holy Scriptures. Either way, readers will benefit from the challenges set forth within these pages. Christian Modesty will help you understand the heart of the matter! “Cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also” (Matthew 23:26b).

This book will answer questions such as:

  • Is God concerned with how we dress?
  • Is modesty defined by culture, the church, or the Lord?
  • Are pants considered men’s attire?
  • How do I obey God, dress with humility, yet not appear homely?


by: Catherine

THANK-YOU Pastor Jerry & Heidi for writing this book! I have ready many (if not all) books written on this topic, as it has been of interest to me for years. The Lord certainly admonishes... Christians in His word to dress modestly, but what does it mean for us "specifically"? Is it REALLY an abomination for a lady to wear pants? Many books I have read on Christian Modesty take the author's preferences and twist the Bible to make it say what they want it to say. This book was different and very refreshing. The authors are of the same background that I am familiar with (IFB), so I was able to relate to the scenarios presented in this book to a "t". It was such an encouragement, and I am so thankful I purchased it. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to please the Lord in the area of Modesty. I would also recommend this book to those who feel burdened by a list of man-made dress rules. Above all, as Christians we should seek to please and glorify the Lord in all that we say and do. This book will help you make wise, Biblical decisions to do just that! God Bless...

by: Kimberly Lepone, Louisville KY

Having grown up most of my life in a conservative Baptist church, a fundamental home, and having always attended strict, traditional Christian schools and college, I had the matter and rules of modesty firmly enforced from an early age through to adulthood. However, I was also blessed to have the principles of modesty taught and lived in my home. I heard all sorts of arguments from pastors, evangelists, and teachers about what particular items of clothing a woman should wear, and, like many of those who also grew up in these churches, felt that sometimes the scriptural backing for these principles were somehow being misquoted, stretched, or even completely left out. It became, for many, a matter of “because I said so.” As any parent knows, a child does eventually get too old for that reason to be a valid one. Sadly, as so many Christian young men and women have grown up, the world has made it so easy for them to throw the baby (modesty) out with the bathwater (conventional church rules). Or, for those of us who continue to adhere to these seemingly ancient rules of dress, when asked why we dress the way we do, we may struggle with a clear, authoritative answer that sounds like something other than judgment or “because so-and-so said so.”

"Christian Modesty: A Matter of the Heart by Jerry and Heidi Beaver is a book that can help so many people on so many levels. Whether you just do not know what the Bible says about modesty (or think that you do) or you have dressed the way someone told you was modest because you respect that person or work in a particular ministry, or if you want to be a mentor to someone else, this book can be a blessing to you. Pastor Beaver and his wife, Heidi, have both struggled, prayed, and searched for the answers to this important question: “What does GOD have to say about the way I dress?” Even if you think you know what this book will say, you will want to read it. What a blessing this book has been to me, dealing with my heart about the condition of my heart, even when it comes to a topic I thought I already knew—"Christian modesty."

We have seen our generation let the world convince them that modesty is an old-fashioned, man-made cultural oddity that does not have that much importance in the Christian realm. Others have let Satan convince them that a modest church means an old-fashioned, unfriendly, legalistic church that will scare away the potential convert. Without God, that may very well be true. Let the Beavers share with you the scriptural lessons that God has revealed to them, simply and plainly, in this inspirational book. You should read this book. You need this book.

by: Jenn Dunham (Fostoria, MI)

Christian Modesty is truly a must-read for any Christian. Whether you have your own convictions about dress or have just followed the rules laid down for you, this is a convicting book. It forces you to consider why you believe what you believe about dressing modestly. It is a straightforward book that addresses the issue of modesty very clearly and bluntly. It has been an encouragement to me to search the Scriptures to determine my own convictions on the matter; not to just dress a particular way to "obey the rules". Thank you Jerry and Heidi Ann for allowing the Lord to use you to write this book.

by: Tim Hewitt

This is not the ordinary, pound the pulpit, strict sectarian version. If you are just looking for a book like that look elsewhere. I have read numerous books on this subject, many that agreed with my opinion and was used as ammunition for others that didn't. This book will cause you to rethink your typical arguments and to honestly make it a matter of the heart. I have six girls that have always wore dresses, that isn't going to change, but the purpose is not one of dogmatism. Read this book and pass it on. Very easy read.

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